Testimonial: “Ryan’s been a great asset to Stafford Animal Shelter;
he’s saved us funds, come out at a moment’s notice during computer crisis
and kept our systems running at their most safe, efficient and updated!
We recommend Help Desk Mt to anyone
- Stafford Animal Shelter Staff

"So for all of problems I’ve thrown at you, at inopportune moments,
what you’ve done in the past 3 weeks has literally changed my life–
I had no idea how great it would really be – and I just wanted to say a very grateful thanks,
for all of the times I’ve desperately yelled for help and you’ve responded instantly and saved me.
You’re the best, Ryan, both in your technological skill and your kindness in responding in off hours

and immediately, with patience and good cheer and grace despite me interrupting you even on Xmas Eve."
"I don’t know what we would do without you."
"It is much appreciated. You should put this on your
website to tell folks WHAT YOU DO … save us
All the time! Whether it’s just an inconvenience
or a true emergency, you are always right there."

Thank you so much.
Cat Moody

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